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Bruusgaard's onboard solutions

Life at sea involves a wide array of safety systems. But why bring your vessel to shore for service and maintenance when you can just as easily maintain all necessary safety measures onboard?

Offshore safety means keeping both crew, cargo, vessel and marine life safe, and when we say "Optimal safety. Minimal effort." – that's exactly what we mean. Not only do our solutions provide a safety measure in themself; they ensure that protocols and systems become as naturally integrated in your daily routines as any other everyday activity.

Leave detection monitoring to us, and keep your focus on the horizon.

That's cost-efficiency.

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Gas Detection

All ships are required to test and calibrate gas detection equipment at regular intervals. As with any health and safety equipment, precision and reliability is critical.

Costs related to gas detection is a function of the number of products and deliveries. The key is to keep both categories at a minimum.

We've spent 20 years developing and fine-tuning an onboard system that helps you avoid all the costly pitfalls – without even having to go to shore.

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Gas detection

UTI (Ullage/Temperature/Interface)

Conventional UTI solutions require annual calibration and servicing on shore, and the shipping process is a headache: The equipment is heavy and greasy, yet delicate and costly – requiring careful handling.

Our UTI system is designed specifically for marine vessels, and enables you to perform maintenance and service on board – without annual shore certification. 

In addition, our UTI solution makes onboard calibration safe and simple, saving you both time and money compared to the conventional approach.

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Water Tests

Onboard water distribution systems can harbour many potential human health hazards. The purpose of testing is to verify your onboard water is safe to:

  • Consume (for humans)
  • Discharge (to the environment)
  • Use (in technical systems)

We offer test kits for all of them.

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Compressed Breathing Air Test kit

Clean breathing air is as vital offshore as it is onshore. But making sure the air quality is within optimal limits may be both time consuming and expensive – especially if your testing systems is at bay.

Our test kit measure the quality of breathing air from high and low pressure compressors and cylinders. It allows you to test the air quality whenever you feel it necessary – all while on board your vessel.

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Compressed breathing air test
Compressed breathing air test kit

Download: Product Datasheet Compressed Breathing Air Test kit

Temperature & Pressure calibration

Calibrating instruments can be time consuming – costing you valuable time at sea. With our onboard calibration system, however, the maintenance and service can be done onboard, without any need for yearly shore certifications.

The system significantly decreases your logistics cost, administrative work and non-operative time. 

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Temperature & pressure calibration
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